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Services Provided

Building Condition Assessment/Evaluation

Our Building Inspection is much more Complimenting the Structural, Cladding, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, HVAC, evaluation, we use Instrumented Energy Audit Identifying:

  • Where the Air Leaks are occurring
  • Total amount of air being lost in the House/Building and ducts
Getting an Energy Audit is a great way to reduce home's/building heating/cooling costs, and helps avoid Air Quality problems such as mold.

Quality Assurance

We at A.I.H. Building Design, had developed a program which Assures the Quality of your project at a reasonable price.
To ensure the quality of your project, retain A.I.H. Building Design, at an early stage, preferably at contemplation stage of that project.

To speed up the Retaining process: click the following link, fill in the form and submit it.

Quality Assurance Form (access it)

Feasibility Studies

You need to replace the furnace..., there are many options..., which one are you going to select? Here we come, Feasibility Studies With respect to: Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency Measures, Energy cost and savings, CO2 Emission Reductions, Financial viability of the intended project for Residential, Commercial and Institutional Buildings

One of the first projects

Building Permits

Applications including all necessary drawings, such as:

  • Site Plan
  • Footing Plan
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations Plans
  • Sectional Elevations
  • Sections Details
  • Bracing Plans
  • Tiedown/fixing Plans
  • Specializations and construction documents required to obtain a building permit

    Sample of drawings
    Drawingsand Specifications

    Applications including all necessary drawings, specifications requires that any written material supporting the application submitted shall have the information pertaining to the qualifications and registration of the person that prepared the information to be submitted, such as:

    • Name
    • BCIN
    • Qualifications

    In addition to the requirements listed above, the identification of the professional that prepared the documentation, needs to be listed in the application. Access it: Application for a Building Permit,...

    "It will open in a new window."

    posted on each page, in a specific form, like the one below, or if you want to see the official one, here it is:
    Official requirement

    Sample of the accepted form
    Professional ID

    Building Code Consultation/Reviews

    For any project, we review the compliance with the Building Code,

    3-D Computer Modelling

    Enhancing Design/Analyse in virtual space before committing resources.

    One of our pieces of work
    Another Project
    Another work
    Another Project

    Structural Design & Reviews

    We do all the drawings, necessary in bringing up a structure, such as:

    • Barrier-Free Design, conductive to Independent Living,
    • Retaining Wall(s),
    • Fire Walls,
    • Fire Escapes
    • Post-Disaster Structural Evaluation
    • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
    • Standpipe (38mm and 65mm)
    • Voice Communication, Ventilation, Lighting
    • Emergency Lighting Systems


    Another project
    Leni's house, suggestion ...


    Another project
    Leni's house, proposal...


    Another project
    Leni's house, work in progress...


    Just a fence
    Just a fence...

    Part of a new entrance, Rafters, Change of occupancy
    Truss for a new entrance

    Lamps for Residential Use

    Lamps for Residential use, {click it => magnify it.}

    Fireplaces position
    Fireplaces to select from, {click it => magnify it.}

    Continuing Specialization

    Note:If you are using Internet Explorer, you can magnify those certificates by clicking on the image... to see details such as the score...
    All the other browsers will indicate magnification when you mouse over the image..

    Certificate, Architectural Glass
    Certificate: Siphonic Drain System
    Certificate Shear Walls
    certificate: Completed Courses

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