Building Permit, how to obtain one

Since 31 December 2005, professionals that can prepare applications, accompanying drawings and specifications, are:

  • architects,
  • civil engineers,
  • designers certified by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

To be certified by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Designers and Inspectors must successfully complete the examinations administered by the Ministry in areas of Legal and Technical requirements of the Building Code Act, related to areas of their practice and register with the Ministry, [all certified Designers and Inspectors who could work for municipality, or RCA (registered code Agencies) are listed in the “Public Registry” which could be accessed from here:

Public Registry It will open in a new window..


The Province of Ontario, Canada, implemented these changes to assure public safety, to improve accountability and create a more consistent and transparent environment for the Construction Industry.

To find out details about these changes, consult the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing at their web-site, given above, or phone: 416.588.6666.

Ontario Building Code Act requires that a person who is constructing or demolishing a building needs to obtain a building permit


There are few exceptions where a building permit is not required, we give a few examples of these situations:

  • a detached structure that is not more than 10m2that does not contain plumbing
  • a fence
  • removing the kitchen cupboards and replacing with new ones
  • installing new roof shingles on existing one
  • removing a non-load bearing wall (partition wall)
  • replacing a fixture (i.e. toilet, bathtub, or a sink) with a new one

The examples above are given only for your convenience, check with your local Building Department or contact aih-building design

The same requirements of examination and registration apply to Interior Designers, and we should also add that all persons involved in construction, renovations should be aware and comply with the requirements of the Building Code. Even those persons that are only retailers of construction materials should be aware and comply with the requirements of the Building Code.

Building without a Building Permit could result in fines and more aggravations...

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